Fira’s business comprises of construction, product and software businesses. Fira Group Oy has three subsidiaries which are Fira Oy, Fira Smart Service Oy and Fira Modules Oy. Construction performed by Fira Oy is the cornerstone of Fira’s business. Fira Oy has four different business areas which are commercial construction, residential construction, modernisation and pipe renovation. Fira Oy acts most commonly as the main contractor in the construction project from design to handover. Fira’s construction business acts as excellent testbed for Fira’s research and development which is performed by Fira Smart Services Oy and Fira Modules Oy. Fira Modules Oy provides stackable bathroom modules including building services system element that transfers heat, water, air and electricity. In addition, they have readiness to implement IoT sensors to the module providing data from installation up to use and maintenance of the building.

Fira Smart Services Oy has developed multiple solutions that contribute directly to the development of a digital building twin. In the core is the developed an open data platform (ODP) which stores and integrates all relevant data from the construction production. Data is produced and used by other internally and externally developed applications. These contain for example internally developed schedule management application Sitedrive, procurement and logistics application for just-in-time deliveries Fira Material Flow and Fira Insite which provide situational awareness of the production to site managers. Additionally, Fira has integrated third party quality management application to the ODP. Therefore, Fira has an initial operational information backbone. There are still gaps in data coverage and usability of collected information. Thus, Fira assets and experience support the development of digital building twins and using these twins in actual projects to enhance the overall productivity. Consequently, Fira has the capability to validate and demonstrate the benefits of mutually developed digital building twins. PRODUCT & PROCESS (+DIGITAL FOOTPRINT).