UNIVPM group focuses his work on the development of measurement systems, sensors, data processing in order to provide services in three main areas, which are mainly industry, buildings, and health. BIM2TWIN is right across buildings and industry and we focus on industrialization and digitalization of the construction process. The staff of Mechanical and Thermal Measurement group, that is mainly involved in the topics of the project, is composed by: Professor Milena Martarelli and Professor Gian Marco Revel, with more than twenty years of experience on mechanical and thermal measurements in many areas (industry, buildings and health) and Nicola Giulietti PhD student. Main areas of research are connected with development and application of new sensors and experimental techniques for material characterization, structural and environmental monitoring, non-destructive testing, and embedded systems. Main fields of application of interest for the project are smart sensors for indoor environments, building energy and comfort monitoring and assessment, non-contact measurement techniques and data processing.

process conformance evaluation

Our work is focused on exploiting non-contact measurement systems such as camera on visible, IR and hyperspectral ranges in order to assess surfaces/texture process conformances, defects, and deviation. Selecting correct hyperspectral range of the camera allows us to identify phenomena and patterns that we want to magnify and then monitor.