The University of Cambridge (UCAM; est. 1209) is a public research university with 7,913 academic staff, and 22,579 students. It is consistently ranked as the top University in Europe and among the top 5 in the world across the board (overall and in Engineering), with Cambridge Alumni having won over 120 Nobel Prizes. The university has also been a hub for the development of a high-tech business cluster in its campus.

The Construction Information Technology (CIT) group at UCAM led by Dr Brilakis is a research group oriented on advanced applications of computer vision and pattern recognition on infrastructure data collection, information retrieval and knowledge generation. At its core, the group is active in automated as-is modelling of buildings, bridges and industrial facilities. It has invented a novel patented technique for videogrammetric reconstruction of infrastructure, which has been developed and commercialized by Pointivo, a spin-off company of the group.

The main task of UCAM is leading WP3. UCAM will leverage its expertise above and prior low TRL work in automating progress monitoring into delivering WP3, with TRL 4-6 further development and simultaneous exploitation of the Digital Twin backbone platform of this project.