Minisymposium at 19th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTING IN CIVIL & BUILDING ENGINEERING (ICCCBE2022) – Cape Town, South Africa, 26 – 28 October 2022

The title of the Minisymposium 510 is “Digital Twin Construction”. It is organized by Dr. Rafael Sacks and his research team from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, partner of the BIM2TWIN consortium.

The aim of the Mini-symposium MS20 is to attract papers presenting new findings in the field of building information modeling and digital twin technology; simulation and process modeling; big data, sensing, and machine learning; built environment monitoring; control, analysis, and design; Information and communication technologies; project design, construction, planning, and management; reality capture technologies and robotics, automation, and control.

Some of the topics that will be discussed are (not exhaustive list):

  • Methods for data acquisition on site
  • Merging and interpreting monitoring data to provide helpful project status information (PSI)
  • Algorithms for processing raw monitored data
  • Comparison of intent information (project design and process plan) with status information (as-built and as-performed information) to formulate actionable knowledge
  • Simulation, prediction, and optimization of expected project performance
  • Delivering project intent information to actors in a construction project

Hereafter the link to the web page of the Conference:

The Abstract submission deadline is May 15 2022.

The main dates for the paper submission are the following ones:

  • January 10 2022 – Call for abstracts & registration opening
  • May 15 2022 – Abstract submission deadline
  • June 30 2022 – Early-bird registration deadline
  • June 30 2022 – Full paper submission deadline
  • 15 September 2022 – Registration deadline

For more information on abstract and paper submission:

Amongst others, we specifically call on researchers engaged in current EU research projects on the theme of Digital Building Twins (Ashvin, BIMprove, BIM2TWIN, COGITO) to participate and share their findings.

The Minisymposium organisers:
Rafael Sacks, Jonattan G. Martinez, and Timson Yeung | Virtual Construction Laboratory (VClab), National Building Research Institute, Technion–Israel Institute of Technology