IDP is an innovative and multidisciplinary SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) with services ranging from civil & infrastructure engineering, environmental sciences, ICT to project management & consultancy. With six offices between Spain and Latin America, IDP currently consists of a team of approximately 250 professionals working nationally and internationally in multidisciplinary projects in Electrical and Control Automation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Waste Treatment and Environmental Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Chemical, Civil and Structural engineers, Architects and Project Managers.

INDUSTRIAL & ARCHITECTURE. More than 1,000 projects in all productive sectors (including Cement, Mining and Waste Industry) endorse IDP as a leading engineering company specialized in developing engineering, construction and consulting services for projects of industrial plants and logistic infrastructures. The multidisciplinary technical teams of IDP have the capability to design any type of facilities and is always looking for the most advanced solutions and efficient, technologically innovative and environmentally friendly. Therefore, the most innovative tools are early adopted and used in all our projects, like the know-how acquired through of BIM technology (Building Information Technology), making it able to address crosscutting and comprehensively any project with the aim of achieving the most efficient, cost effective and secure facilities.

CIVIL WORKS. IDP has become lately in a world-leading company regarding the design and construction of civil works, including both railroads and roads as well as tunnels, bridges and so on using BIM methodology. IDP has invested money as well as human resources in order to internally develop this methodology in order to integrate it with GIS technology in order to develop GeoBIM models: BIM geo-located models that include all the necessary BIM information in addition to geo-location data. This has allowed IDP to produce highly accurate models of roads and railroads with all the physical info, which has enabled showing clients a very realistic view of the final outcome. In addition, these GeoBIM models allow simulating the performance of every sort of vehicles on these infrastructures, making clients sure that the civil works at issue will fulfil both the current regulations as well as user needs regarding visibility, driving comfort, etc.

SMART CITY. Thanks to the integration of BIM methodology and GIS technology, with GeoBIM models as an outcome, IDP has developed what we call CIM models (City Information Modelling). This new concept addresses the management of city infrastructures, roads/streets, public/private buildings, energy as well as water installations and production units and so on in a single city model. This aims at enabling city administrations to carry out an easier and unified management of city assets. The enormous amount of information that these models can take into account allows these administrations to carry out studies, simulations (new/different mobility routes, PV plants…), etc. of any action that is to be undertaken before actually carrying them out, thus having a better decision-making, saving future costs due to wrong decisions, etc.

IDP brings the experience and know-how gained as coordinator of SPHERE Project ( into BIM2TWIN Project, focusing on Digital Twin roles, dataflows & workflows as well as BIM Platform requirements.